Sulphite by Noor Rajput (pdf part 2)


(zindgi ke sath pehron ki kahani)

By Noor Rajput 

(pdf part 2)

story based on the unique story/Islamic/singer hero/hijabi-heroin/Muslim-scholar/university mate/abroad/sciency/Romantic/stubborn-hero and much other knowledge you can gain from it.

Before talking about the novel, I would like to appreciate the title cover of the novel. Yes, the Sulphite novel is as unique as its name. The theme was very different. Every character in the story was very strong.

Rohan jabeel urf RJ!What a slave... 

Throughout the novel, this man will not be hated at all because if he asks a question, answer it. Is he a disbeliever? How does he talk about Allah even when a person does not get an answer to his question? How can he believe when the questions of this child have been ignored since childhood? The way he talks logically should be answered in the same logic when a person does not believe in religion at all and you still read the Qur'anic verses. How will he believe you when he is a denier of Islam? He needs the same answer as his question. Yes, if you read the mind of this person, you will be able to convince him. Pay attention to the idea of ​​how he thinks, then explain it in his own way, deal with it in the same way, then he will surely understand the way this girl did.

you can learn in this novel how can we give the answer of an atheist in a logically way.
every character of this novel is beautifully defined and heart touching emotions.
The novel was very informative. It is a very good effort. In fact, in our society, if a question comes to mind about religion, instead of clearing it, it is branded as evil, which leads to corruption.
Well, this is a great novel, it's really a masterpiece.
Those who have not yet read the sulphite novel must read it

This novel was written by a sulphite writer "Noor Rajput"
she writes very maturely. There is no-nonsense romance. people are interested in every novel you should read the novels which are written by her. she always writes very differently and knowledgeable things.

Noor Rajput dedicate this novel to "Dr.Zakir Naik"

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